Robot Vision Devices

Brand: COGNEX Model: InSight 2D
Cognex InSight 2D Robot CameraCognex In-Sight 2D is a URCap solution designed to guide users through communication and hand-eye calibration between a UR robot and Cognex 2D vision system. The solution is designed for Cognex In-Sight 2D machine vision systems. Software Version requ..
Brand: FANUC Model: 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70
3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70, 3DV/200, 3DV/400, 3DV/600 Measurement Method 3D measurement with a single pattern light Maximum 3D Points 3DV/70: 870 x 950 3DV/200: 1060 x 950 3DV/400: 1104 x 950 3DV/600: 1104 x 950 Measurement Range [mm]* W1xD1xH..
Brand: IFM Model: O2I503
This IFM Code Reader O2I503 is a reliable piece of industrial automation equipment that you can count on for accurate readings. It is perfect for businesses in need of precise measurements. The brand, IFM, is known for their quality products and this code reader is no exception. Ideal for use in ind..
Brand: LEUZE Model: IPS 248I
LEUZE IPS 248I FIX-M3-102-I3 Smart Camera for robots IPS 248I   Working range 100 ... 600 mm Light source LED, Infrared Camera resolution, horizontal 1,280 px Camera resolution, vertical 960 px Marker ..
Brand: LEUZE Model: LPS36
LEUZE LPS 36  Robot camera cobot camera measurement X-axis measurement range 150 ... 600 mm Measurement range z-axis 200 ... 800 mm Resolution X-axis: 1 … 1,5 mm, relative to measurement distance Y-axis: 1 … 3 mm, relative to measur..
Brand: SICK Model: IVC-3D31111
SICK 3D CAMERA for robotsmachine visionRobot visionIVC-3D31111  Task Presence inspectionQuality inspectionMeasuring, 3D Technology 3D line scanning Product category Programmable Working distan..
Brand: SICK Model: V2D632R
Sick Camera V2D632R-MXCXB0 Robot Camera Robot Vision  Variant Main unit Optical focus Adjustable focus (manually) Sensor CMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values Sensor resolution 1,280 px x 1,024 px Illumina..
Brand: SICK Model: V20W
SICK VisionRobot VisionRobot SafetyV20W-0101000,Safety Camera  Type Type 2 (IEC 61496-1) Safety integrity level SIL1 (IEC 61508) Category Category 2 (EN ISO 13849) Test rate (internal test) 50 /s (EN ISO 1384..
Model: CXZK-RBT/JXB series
Seam Tracking for Welding Robot CXZK-JXB SeiresDigital and integrated structure Welding torch can be in the ideal position Online real-time detection and tracking of multiple welds Realizing welding automation and intelligence Real-time communication between the robot and the control ..
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