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Model: Seal
Seal is a highly efficient AI floor scrubber, that achieves a remarkable cleaning efficiency of up to 4800㎡/h. Ideal for expansive industrial spaces like warehouses and parking lots. Seal offers both manual and fully automatic driving modes. With advanced technologies, including 360° s..
Model: QF
v Experienced R & D Departmentv 23-step production processv From Start to End Quality Controlv Short Lead Timev Excellent Product Compatibility v Unparalleled Substitutiveness for World Famous Brandsv H..
Brand: MIRAX Model: MAXINE
1. Self-navigation (LIDAR). 2. Moving parts (head, elbows, wrists, arms, fingers). 3. Face recognition. 4. Voice gialogues (+voice commands). 5. Auto charging. 6. Obstacle avoidance.Service robot Maxine is a humanoid AI Robot with an unforgettable appearance and wide functionality. Maxine i..
Brand: RAINBOW Model: TL-FH-285SX-001
MOBOT - AGV and Industrial Robot or Cobot Platform TL-FH-285SX-001Load form: knapsack, maximum load 300Kg; Overall size: L1350mm*W650mm*H285mm (or according to the requirements of size customization); Navigation: magnetic strip navigation; Drive mode: differential drive; Wal..
Model: C2
Eliminate time-consuming supply runs from your team’s workflow and replenish stock levels ahead of shortages. C2 navigates your facility and delivers materials autonomously, empowering your staff to take on more critical and fulfilling tasks...
Brand: REEMAN Model: RBOT12D
Product Details ofMoon Knight 2.0 Robot Chassis Intelligent Mobile Robot Platform Development SDK Platform..
Model: Cutebot
Application: Research, Teaching, Enterprise, University Brand Name: Anseboo Model Number: Cutebot model: Cutebot Product Size: 38 * 33 * 28cm Weight: 8kg Max Load: 10kg Speed: max 1.2m/s Climbing ability: 25° Navigation: Lidar SLAM Battery Capacity: 9.8Ah/12V Battery Life: 3h ..
Brand: OTHER Model: TRP
Complete rubber track drive with 12v 250w motor. Huge pulling power. Different sizes possible. Lenght: 950mm Width: 150mm Height: 350mm Weight : left + right : 50kg Max Speed: 3.2 km/h Payload: max 80kg Motor : 12V 300W with reductor Transmition to track wheel: chain  ..
Model: Athena 2.0
Athena 2.0 is a compact, adaptive, and cost-effective robotics platform developed by SLAMTEC to cater to the needs of small robot application development. It canbeused for various applications such as smart inspection robots, container deliveryrobots, restaurant serving robots, and so on. It is ..
Brand: REEMAN Model: WBOT11U
Product Details of Spray Disinfect RobotSpray disinfection robot adopts spray disinfection.Map manipulation can be built through a mobile APP,Custom disinfection methods are more convenient,A variety of nozzles are available.● Low battery recharge technology to prot..
Brand: AITEN Model: AT50
Tow tractors or ‘tugger’ AMRs offer towing capacities of up to several tons and offer high throughput since they can move several carts of goods simultaneouslyTo pull heavy loads such as carts or dolly trainsTowing robot (AT50) can be customized for larger loadsMuch more practical is syn..
Brand: OTHER Model: Trp
Tracked lawnmower drone robot Remote control long range 200ccm engine 6 hp   ..
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