Robot Tool Changers

Brand: ATI Model: 9121-310DM-JF3DA2-AM2-EC6-0-SM
ATI Industrial 9121-310DM-JF3DA2-AM2-EC6-0-SM Robot Tool Changer ..
Brand: ATI Model: 9620-20-B-46
ATI Robot Tool Changer 9620-20-B-46 ..
Brand: Leverage Robotics Model: TC-B-1
TC-B-1 for Cobots The Starter Set provides the basis for a tool change with a passive ToolCube and includes the fingertips for screwing onto the parallel gripper, the basic software for the ToolCubes, a TC holder and a passive ToolCube of your choice. This enables you to gain initial experience wit..
Brand: AOVITA Model: Model QC
Product DescriptionRobot arm gripper automatic quick change Product name Robot tooling automatic quick change Function Quick connection and change Material Aluminum alloy steel Usage way Manual Weight 0.4kg ..
Brand: ATI Model: QC-20
Large number of pass-through air ports. No-Touch locking technology allows up to 0.08 inch (2.0 mm) plate separation when locking. Patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism design results in low force acting on the piston. Large piston diameter and outward ball travel increase moment capacity. Al..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: MPS 130
Payload up to 100 kg, Bending moment up to 900 Nm (static), Torsion moment up to 800 Nm (static), Locking: pneumatic (additional protection by compound spring on pressure drop), Operating air pressure: 0.45 MPa –  0.8 MPa, Flange fitting per EN ISO 9409-1-100-6-M8  ..
Model: K81556706 
STAUBLI Robot Tool Changer K81556706 ..
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