Other parts for Robot & Automation

Model: SW Series
Nominal Wheel Torque: 25Nm to 137Nm Maximum Load Capacity: 140Kg to 550Kg Models: SWM/SWT - 20, 25, 32 Available in Two Types: Mecanum wheel(SWM)                         &n..
Model: TPA-ESR63
The ESR series electric cylinder has a compact design and precise and quiet ball screw drive, making it a perfect replacement for traditional pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.cylinder. The transmission efficiency of the ESR series electric cylinders developed by TPA ROB0T can reach 96%, which m..
Model: KSR40
Robot Single Axis High Rigidity Linear ActuatorThe single axis robot KK Series, developed by TPA ROBOT, uses partially hardened U-shaped steel base track to significantly increase the robot’s strength and load capacity. Due to the different environments, we have three type of linear robot series..
Model: CZ-VCA 5-15
chengzhou CZ-VCA 5-15 voice Coil Motor Parts for automation kinds to choose voice Coil Motor:Product HighlightsStrong torque speed,Industrial quality, rest assured Powerful function, compact appearance, easy installation, suitable for many fields Long life, durable, factory ..
Brand: SMD Model: SWT
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have revolutionized industries by streamlining material handling and logistics processes. One crucial aspect of AGV design is connecting the wheels with motors to ensure precise and efficient movement. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of c..
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