Collaborative Robots

Brand: ABB Model: GoFa CRB 15000
Collaborative safety Superior power and force limiting performance through integrated torque sensors Safe design of robot, rounded geometry, no pinch/trap pointes  Safety certified Category 3, PL dEasy-to-use Enhanced interaction with arm side interface Lead-..
Brand: ABB Model: YuMi IRB 14000
Human - robot collaboration Innovative human - friendly dual arm robot with breakthrough functionality designed to unlock vast global additional automation potential in industry. YuMi® is designed for a new era of automation, for example in small parts assembly, where people and robots work side-b..
Brand: HANS ROBOT Model: E03
We can offer a range of cobots from different brands depending on the needs of your company.Our collaborative robots can reach up to 1500 mm and take a load from 3 to 15 kg.Customized cobots are also available..
Brand: DOBOT Model: Dobot
Devonics distributes the world's most advanced and innovative cobot robotic arms.  We specialize in designing and producing end effectors plus accessories that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of manufacturing and laboratory environments. Our expertise includes both the mechanical struct..
Brand: DOBOT Model: CR12
Dobot CR12 Cobot for Application..
Brand: DOBOT Model: CR10
 DOBOTs with CC16X controller  CR10 Collaborative Robots -  ..
Brand: FAIRINO Model: FR10
 Fairino FR10 CobotFR10 cobot not only upgrades flexibility, safety, ease of use, and flexibility, but also possesses excellent industrial-grade precision, stability. With the features of combined firmness and gentleness and advanced technology, FR10 wil be an ideal solution for flexible in..
Brand: FAIRINO Model: FR16
Fairino FR16 CobotA cobot that can efficiently and reliably handle the demands of heavy-duty tasks, suitable for automated tasks with high payload. The FR16 balances speed, load, and safety with the dedication, safety, and reliability qualities of FAIRINO cobot. Payload: 16kg ..
Brand: FAIRINO Model: FR20
Fairino FR20 CobotFR20 cobot is a platform product with powerful, scalable and sustainable capabilities, which can empower integrators and end-users, and provide a powerful option for solving the pain points. By virtue of FAIR's technological advantages of intelligence and flexibility, as well a..
Brand: FAIRINO Model: FR3
Fairino FR3 CobotFR3 is a new generation of six-axis cobot product based on the definition of human-robot collaboration technology. Its scenarios cover 3C, semiconductor, metal processing, industrial gluing, new retail and other industries, creating the optimal solution for flexible intellectual..
Brand: FAIRINO Model: FR5
Fairino FR5 CobotFR5 took the lead in obtaining the first CR certification in the field of cobots.It adopts a self-developed real-time control system, which integrates fully upgraded features such as flexibility, safety, flexibility, and ease operation, as well as excellent industrial-grade prec..
Brand: FANUC Model: CR-35iB
FANUC Robot CR-35iB Controlled axes 6 Max. payload at wrist 35kg Motion range (X, Y) 1831mm, 3266mm Repeatability ±0.03mm Mass 375kg Installation Floor Matching controller / Input power source..
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