Medical Robots

Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T2
TUG is a smart autonomous mobile robot that securely delivers medications, specimens and other materials. Using assignable and lockable drawers accessible through a combination of pin-code and fingerprint scanning technology ensures reliable and secure delivery. The door cart can be used to securely..
Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T3
Product Description The TUG T3 a smart autonomous mobile robot that automates the transport of materials and supplies in commercial environments TUG is different from traditional AGV systems in that it requires no infrastructure for navigation. • 24x7 Improved Productivity • Auto docks and auto char..
Brand: AOT Model: Carlo
CARLO® stands for Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome.Our Laser Osteotome is the world’s first certified surgical device that cuts bone with a laser. CARLO® combines an advanced Er:YAG laser head with a tactile robotic arm, a 3D navigation system and indication-specific software..
Model: R2
Model R2 is an autonomous manipulation robot designed for material handling in dynamic environments. Powered by our exclusive set of Quasi AI algorithms, R2 is user-programmable, self-learning, capable of carrying out complex series of actions and offering unmatched control and traceability for op..
Brand: NEURA Model: LARA
User interfaceThe innovative GUI with its 3D visualisation allows anyone to intuitively program LARA with ease. Thanks to the digital twin, new applications can be easily tested in a simulated environment.Easy setupStart operating within one hour, no coding experience required.HMI pa..
Brand: NEURA Model: MAiRA
Meet MAiRAMAiRA Jr. is the compact version of MAiRA, designed to bring cognitive functions to small and compact robots.This makes the robot suitable for all kinds of applications in small and confined workplaces, e.g. in laboratory environments.With these functions, MAiRA Jr. closes the ..
Brand: REEMAN Model: WBOT11U
Product Details of Spray Disinfect RobotSpray disinfection robot adopts spray disinfection.Map manipulation can be built through a mobile APP,Custom disinfection methods are more convenient,A variety of nozzles are available.● Low battery recharge technology to prot..
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