AGV and AMR Robots

Brand: ABB Model: AMR P304
 Maximum load 600 kg Lift height 120 mm stroke Dimensions (L×W×H) 1202 × 780 × 352 mm Movement Versatile Navigation system QR codes Speed range 0.05 - 2 m/s Turning radius 0 mm (turn in place) Positioning accuracy Up to ± 10 mm / 1.5° Manual motion Control Pad Wireless remo..
Brand: ABB Model: AMR T412
Towing capacity 1200 N Maximum payload 1200 kg Dimensions (L×W×H) 2410 × 520 × 370 mm Movement Bidirectional Navigation system Magnetic + RFID tags Speed range From 0.01 to 1.2 m/s Turning radius 1000 mm Positioning accuracy Up to ± 10 mm Manual movement Control pad Wireless remote control External ..
Brand: ABB Model: AMR F602
Service weight capacity 1600 kg Lifting height 6000 mm* Residual capacity at maximum lifting height 600 kg @ 600 mm cg up to 6m height Dimensions (L×W×H) 2055 x 830 x 2751** mm with 6m mast Movement Bidirectional Navigation system Laser Speed range Forward: From 0.03 to 1.7 m/s Backward: From 0.03 t..
Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T2
TUG is a smart autonomous mobile robot that securely delivers medications, specimens and other materials. Using assignable and lockable drawers accessible through a combination of pin-code and fingerprint scanning technology ensures reliable and secure delivery. The door cart can be used to securely..
Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T3
Product Description The TUG T3 a smart autonomous mobile robot that automates the transport of materials and supplies in commercial environments TUG is different from traditional AGV systems in that it requires no infrastructure for navigation. • 24x7 Improved Productivity • Auto docks and auto char..
Model: LSXT15-D
AGV Forklift LSXT15 Lightweight Handling Product OverviewLSXT15-D is a natural navigation lightweight handling unmanned forklift that uses multi -line lidar 3D  SLAM technology. On the basis of retaining the main structure of the original vehicle, intelligent automated..
Brand: FADA Model: ACV
Air Cushion Vehicles (ACV)Designed for transporting heavy, unbalanced, or oversized loads. Ideal for carrying challenging and heavy components such as tanks, wind turbines, pumps, and motors. Compared to cranes, conveyors, wheeled, or tracked vehicles, air cushion vehicles are an extremel..
Brand: AITEN Model: MP10S
 Red Dot award winner Possible Use-Cases: Picking, Pallet Transport, Floor to floor AiTEN-MP10S. SLAM LiDAR Laser navigation robot with a small turning radius. 147.5cm x 73.5cm x 45cm (length x width x height) 1000kg max. payload Has CE certificate ..
Brand: AITEN Model: AS15
 The ultimate solution for your warehouse needs. Powerful Warehouse Stacker Robot with a massive 3-ton payload capacity and a towering 6-meter reach.☑ Applications such as vertical operations, inbound reception and outbound shipment, as well as line supply and end of l..
Brand: AITEN Model: TT15
 TT15 Autonomous Mobile Robot | Rated Load:150KG Collaborative distribution robot, used in retail, medical, logistics and other scenarios, the advantage is that it can enter the flexible transport work between low shelves. slam laser navigation, independent path planning, equipped with..
Brand: AITEN Model: AP20
 AP20 Forklift AMR AP20 Smart Forklift Robot Rated Load 2T  As the classic heavy-duty transporter robot of the AITEN series, the AP20 continues to uphold exceptional transportation efficiency. With a payload capacity of 2T, it allows for larger single-load pickups..
Brand: AITEN Model: AR05
AR05 Smart Forklift Robot | Forklift Mast Forward Positioning Feature | Rated Load:500KG AiTEN AR05Automated Storage and Retrieval Stacker Robot, equipped with forging forks and featuring mast forward positioning, has a rated load of 500KG. It is capable of stacking and transporting go..
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