Exoskeleton Robots

Model: CDYB
Passive system Differential walking mechanism Easy adjusting Up to 25kgf supporting for back muscles Total weight ~2kg Carbon fiber frame ​Stabilize the lower back CDYB is designed based on the myofascial theory. As a combination..
Brand: HILTI Model: HA EXO-O1
USED EXO Robots for Heavy Works.Smoother progress on-site – this passive exoskeleton supports the wearer, helping to cut down on overexertion injuries, rest breaks and sick leave during construction work All-day comfort – weighing under 2 kg (4.4 lbs.), this ultralight exoskeleton can help ..
Model: Every
Muscle Suit Every is an assistive suit that works using air pressure.Make life lighter. From lightening the load on your back at work to helping with daily labor-intensive activities. Muscle Suit Every is an assistive suit created to help all people live healthy lifestyles.Assists ..
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