3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm

3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm
3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm
3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm
3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm
3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm
3D printed open-source Arduino robotic arm

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  • Model: Devol
Assembly RequiredNO
Robot TypeEducation
New / Used ?NEW

Discover the revolutionary Devol robot from the MY ELECTRONIC KIT brand, designed especially for robotics enthusiasts in France! If you've always dreamed of owning your own working robotic arm, then this kit is for you.

What you will get with the Devol kit:
•    High Quality 18650 Batteries: Enjoy the reliable power provided by premium 18650 rechargeable batteries. These batteries provide long battery life for extended gaming sessions.

• 18650 Battery Charger: The included charger allows you to easily charge 18650 batteries, ensuring continued, hassle-free use of your robot.

• Arduino Jumper Cable: The kit includes a specific jumper cable for the Arduino, ensuring a stable and secure connection between the components.

• USB Key with STL Files: Access a USB key containing the STL files needed in case of customization or change of color of the parts. Practical for people with access to a 3D printer.

•    Electrical Diagram: Included in the kit, the detailed electrical diagram guides you through the electrical connections.

• Prepared Arduino Code: The kit offers prepared Arduino code, written in C/C++, providing a solid foundation for your robot's control and functionality. You can modify this code endlessly in order to improve the robot's possibilities as you wish.

The DEVOL model, the fruit of our passion for robotics, is ready to become your next stimulating challenge.
Thanks to a free Bluetooth application on the Play Store, you will control your robot in the blink of an eye (via your Android smartphone ONLY). Assembly requires soldering, making it a learning opportunity for adults and children alike, encouraging collaboration and experience sharing.

The kit is designed to provide a personal and unique experience. You can customize your robot however you want, taking advantage of its versatility and unlimited potential. We believe in open innovation, which is why our robot is open source, providing a blank canvas for your creativity.

Batteries and ways to charge them are included, so your creativity knows no limits.

As passionate French creators, we designed this kit to provide an affordable experience without sacrificing quality. Funds generated from your support will help create an even more advanced robotic arm accessible to tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the future of robotics. Choose the DEVOL robot from MY ELECTRONIC KIT and give free rein to your creativity!

Benefits of Arduino Nano Programming:
Simplicity: Arduino offers user-friendly programming based on the C/C++ language, which makes it easy to create programs, even for beginners.

Large Community: Enjoy a community of passionate Arduino users who share their knowledge, projects and solutions online.

Abundant Libraries: Benefit from a wide variety of pre-existing libraries for sensors, actuators and functionality, accelerating your robot development.

Open Platform: Arduino is an open-source platform, which means you can freely modify, improve and share your programs.

Advanced Customization: Arduino Nano programming gives you the freedom to customize every aspect of your robot, integrating sensors, movements to reactions, allowing you to create a robot unique to your needs.

This robot measures 43 cm high, 20 cm long and 11 cm wide.
It weighs 1023 grams.

On ANDROID phone only.
Robot assembled by hand and tested before sending.