ABB IRB 140 Small Payload Robot

ABB IRB 140 Small Payload Robot
ABB IRB 140 Small Payload Robot
ABB IRB 140 Small Payload Robot
ABB IRB 140 Small Payload Robot

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  • Brand: ABB
  • Model: IRB140
Payload (kg)6
Reach (mm)810
Year of Prod.2016
New / Used ?USED

  • The ABB IRB 140 is a versatile robot designed for various applications. It is a compact, 6-axis robot that can handle multiple tasks efficiently. With a payload capacity of 6 kg and a reach of 810 mm, it offers flexibility and precision in its movements.
  • One notable feature of the ABB IRB 140 is its 360-degree rotation capability, allowing it to access all angles and positions with ease. It also boasts fast acceleration, enabling quick and efficient operation. The robot has a large working envelope, enabling it to cover a significant area within its reach.
  • Moreover, the ABB IRB 140 is designed to withstand harsh conditions, as all its mechanical arms are fully protected with an IP67 rating. This protection ensures its durability and makes it suitable for integration in various environments. Whether it needs to be placed on the floor, suspended from above, or wall-mounted at any angle, the robot offers the necessary flexibility.
  • Due to its versatile design and protective features, the ABB IRB 140 is well-suited for a wide range of applications. It can handle tasks such as material handling, arc welding, assembly, and more. Its adaptability and reliability make it a valuable asset in industrial settings and other industries that require precision and efficiency in robotic operations.