ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55

ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55
ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55
ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55
ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55
ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55

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  • Brand: ABB
  • Model: IRB 6640-235/2.55
Payload (kg)235
Reach (mm)2250
Year of Prod.2012
New / Used ?USED

The ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55 is a 6-axis robotic arm known for its capabilities in various industries. With a payload capacity of 235 kg and a reach of 2550 mm, this robot arm excels in handling heavy objects and accessing distant areas. It boasts a remarkable repeatability of 0.05 mm, ensuring precision and accuracy in its movements. Weighing approximately 1310 kg, this robot is built to provide strength and stability.

The ABB IRB 6640-235/2.55 finds wide application in several fields, including Additive Manufacturing, Assembly, Cutting, Dispensing, Drilling, Engraving, Finishing, Machining, Material Handling, Palletizing, and Remote TCP. Its versatility makes it a valuable asset in industries that require efficient and reliable automation solutions.

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