ABB IRC5 Robot, Teach Pendants, DSQC 679

ABB IRC5 Robot, Teach Pendants, DSQC 679
ABB IRC5 Robot, Teach Pendants, DSQC 679
ABB IRC5 Robot, Teach Pendants, DSQC 679

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  • Brand: ABB
  • Model: DSQC 679
Part FunctionTeach Pendant
Part TypeDSQC679
Year of Prod.2017
New / Used ?USED

key features of the ABB DSQC 679 teach pendant include:

  1. Display and Controls: The DSQC 679 features a color display screen, typically with a size of around 10 inches, that provides a visual interface for programming and monitoring robot operations. It also has a keypad and various buttons for inputting commands and navigating through menus.

  2. Jogging Controls: The teach pendant includes controls for jogging the robot, allowing users to manually move the robot in different directions or along specific axes. This feature is useful for fine-tuning robot positions or testing robot movements.

  3. Programming Capabilities: The DSQC 679 allows users to create, edit, and manage robot programs. It supports various programming languages, such as RAPID (Robot Application Programming Interface Domain), which is ABB's proprietary programming language for their robots.

  4. Safety Features: The teach pendant is equipped with safety features to ensure the well-being of the operators and prevent accidents. These may include emergency stop buttons and protective covers to prevent accidental activation.

  5. Connectivity: The DSQC 679 can be connected to the robot controller and other devices through various communication interfaces, such as Ethernet or serial ports. This enables data exchange and communication between the pendant, controller, and other systems.