ABB Robot & UR Cobot Training

ABB Robot & UR Cobot Training
ABB Robot & UR Cobot Training


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  • Brand: ABB
  • Model: IRC5
Country / LocationRomania
Sector or IndustryAutomotive
Experience (year)10+
Number of Projects20+
Training TopicABB Robots
Traning Duration (day)5

  • Automation engineer with robot programming and simulation skills. I have 10 years of experience on commisioning, troubleshooting and improvements and 5 years of training people on industrial ABB IRC5 robots in the field of automotive.
  • I have done comissioning for robotic applications as handling, visual inspection, 2D or 3D vision guided robotics. For 3D robotic cell simulation, I use RobotStudio.
  • I also program collaborative robots from Universal robots for more than 5 years.



Model: ABB
ABB Robot programmer ABB Robot Trainer ABB Robot Maintenance Expert..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Change of fats and/or oils in the manipulator. ✅ MINOR Preventive Maintenance (controller consumables only). ✅ MAJOR Preventive Maintenance (contr..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Add new products.✅ Reduction of cycle times.✅ Improvements in quality, in security, in integration with the PLC.✅ Modification of positi..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Selection of the correct type of manipulator. ✅ Virtual tests with new tools. ✅ LAYOUT design of new cells. ✅ Feasibility studies and cycle time ..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Basic Operation.✅ Update from S4C to Omnicore.✅ Basic Programming.✅ Total Preventive Maintenance.✅ Electrical Maintenance.✅ Adva..