AGV Quote Review Service

AGV Quote Review Service
AGV Quote Review Service
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Prolog Automation

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  • Brand: PROLOG
  • Model: Quote Review
Country / LocationEurope
Sector or IndustryIntralogistics, manufacturing
Experience (year)25 years
Number of Projects1000

AGV Quote review/Technical evaluation

You have received the offers from the AGV manufacturers and now need to get an overview of which offers fall off the grid from a technical point of view and which offers should be shortlisted?

We support you in reviewing the offers and check the consistency with your specification sheet as well as the corresponding completeness. Your purchasing department can concentrate fully on the commercial processes.

The offers you receive are the basis for your procurement department. Here, the offers must be technically comparable in order to be able to put them in relation to each other in terms of price. We are happy to help you with this.


Model: IRC5
Automation engineer with robot programming and simulation skills. I have 10 years of experience on commisioning, troubleshooting and improvements and ..
Model: ABB
ABB Robot programmerABB Robot TrainerABB Robot Maintenance Expert..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Change of fats and/or oils in the manipulator. ✅ MINOR Preventive Maintenance (controller consumables only). ✅ MAJOR Preventive Maintenance (contr..
Model: S4C, S4C+, IRC5, OMNICORE
✅ Add new products.✅ Reduction of cycle times.✅ Improvements in quality, in security, in integration with the PLC.✅ Modification of positi..