AGV Specification Service

AGV Specification Service
AGV Specification Service
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  • Brand: PROLOG
  • Model: AGV Specification
Country / LocationEurope
Sector or IndustryIntralogistics, manufacturing
Experience (year)25 years
Number of Projects1000

AGV system preparation and review of specification sheet

You have decided to introduce an AGV system. The next step is to search for suppliers and draw up a specification sheet. The quality of the specification sheet determines the further course of the project. A technically immature specification sheet can lead to enormous time and cost expenditures.
Your specification sheet is the basis for a technically and economically sound tender, ensures you a successful supplier search and an efficient procurement process. We can help you to professionally prepare your specification sheet in order to exclude unforeseeable problems in the further course of the project.

Potential suppliers receive your specification sheet with all the necessary attachments and information. It essentially describes the scope of supply and services as well as the processes of your desired AGV system. The more detailed and elaborate your specifications are described, the more comparable the offers of the AGV manufacturers will be.


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