ARO Welding Guns

Brand: ARO Model: R3G
The manufacturing industry is under constant demand to improve efficiency and reduce costs. ARO has risen to the challenge and produced the first modular system, the 3G robotic welding gun. The revolutionary 3G modular system allows four gun variations to be created from 9 shared modules, 7 specific..
Brand: ARO Model: MFDC
 ARO’s highly automated control systems have been carefully designed to deliver optimum weld quality alongside maximum adaptability and greater cost savings.ARO offers a comprehensive range of MFDC (Medium Frequency Direct Current) inverters with embedded controllers, designed to provid..
Brand: ARO Model: 3RZ
3G Welding Gun Specifications Type R3C R3G R3X R3Z Design Current 20kA - 35 kA 20kA - 35 kA 20kA - 35 kA 20kA - 35 kA Design Force 800 daN 800 daN 1000 daN 1000 daN Cooling Water Water ..
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