BEN Restaurant Robot

BEN Restaurant Robot
BEN Restaurant Robot
BEN Restaurant Robot
BEN Restaurant Robot

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Payload (kg)30
Speed (m/s)1
Battery (h)7
Year of Prod.2024
New / Used ?NEW

1. Self-navigation (LIDAR).

2. Face recognition.

3. Voice gialogues (+voice commands).

4. Auto charging.

5. Obstacle avoidance.

6. 3 trays (bearing 10 kg. each).

Restaurant robot Ben is a strikingly intelligent and autonomous restaurant robot who can be used equally well in commercial and business spaces, such as office complexes, hotels, exposition centers, shopping malls, etc. Ben is a perfect assistant when it comes to continuous and repeated tasks, but it is also a powerful marketing asset, grabbing the attention of guests and driving them towards your brand.

Ben’s designers obviously aimed to come up with a simple, compact, yet highly efficient solution for the restaurant owners. With this purpose in mind, they gave the restaurant robot Ben quite a discrete look with a powerful set of functions. Ben’s operation requires no special knowledge and almost no effort. With the initial configuration taking just a couple of minutes, Ben can get to work performing a variety of tasks with high precision, unbelievable speech, and eye-pleasing elegance.

Not only can the robot serve the ordered food and beverages to the specified table, it can also appear as an expert consultant and a pleasant interlocutor for guests of any background and nationality. By just uploading the relevant information into the robot's memory, you can make sure your guests will have answers to all of their questions. This is done through the integrated sound processing system, while the face recognition feature helps the robot identify and locate the speakers and maintain a full-fledged near-human dialogue with them.

Restaurant robot Ben is made of top-quality materials, which allowed achieving a high life cycle with a stylish, organic, and pleasant appearance. Each of the 3 trays has a capacity of 10 kg. The distance between them is enough to carry bottles and other high objects. Needless to say, the trays can be easily washed even when the robot is on duty. You may set 3 consecutive destinations to speed up the delivery.

The 11-inch touch screen can be used for initial configurations, but also to display any content, like menu loops, descriptions of dishes, information on special offers, etc. Uploading information is easy as it is, so you can experiment with the dialogues to keep your guests entertained even after multiple visits.

With security being Mirax Robots’ main priority, all of our robots, including Ben, are equipped with an advanced LIDAR navigation system and ultrasound sensors that allow the robots to orient in space and travel safely avoiding any obstacles on their way. A set of non-slip rubber wheels ensures Ben's smooth navigation on any type of flooring.

Developed on the base of Android OS, Ben can easily be integrated with external applications, providing a larger functionality. API/SDK can be provided for secondary development as well.

With a smart, quick, and reliable assistant like Ben, you will essentially reduce operation costs and win an upper hand against your market competitors.