ESR Series Light Load Electric Cylinder

ESR Series Light Load Electric Cylinder
ESR Series Light Load Electric Cylinder
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  • Model: TPA-ESR63
Part FunctionBall Screw
Part TypeMax. 500
Production Year2024
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

The ESR series electric cylinder has a compact design and precise and quiet ball screw drive, making it a perfect replacement for traditional pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

cylinder. The transmission efficiency of the ESR series electric cylinders developed by TPA ROB0T can reach 96%, which means that our electric cylinders are more energy-saving than transmission cylinders and hydraulic cylinders under the same load. At the same time, since the electric cylinder is driven

Using ball screws and servo motors, the repeatable positioning accuracy can reach t0.02mm, achieving high-precision, low-noise linear motion control. The stroke of ESR series electric cylinder can reach 2000mm, and the maximum load can reach 1500kg. Flexible to match various mounting configurations and connectors, and provides multiple motor mounting directions. Can be used on robotic arms. Multi-axis motion platforms and various automation applications.


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