Fanuc 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70 Camera

Fanuc 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70 Camera
Fanuc 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70 Camera
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  • Brand: FANUC
  • Model: 3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70
Device FunctionCamera
Device Type3D
Year of Prod.2022
New / Used ?NEW

3D Vision Sensor 3DV/70, 3DV/200, 3DV/400, 3DV/600
Measurement Method3D measurement with a single pattern light
Maximum 3D Points3DV/70: 870 x 950
3DV/200: 1060 x 950
3DV/400: 1104 x 950
3DV/600: 1104 x 950
Measurement Range [mm]*
3DV/70: 55 x 70 x 56,
83 x 92
3DV/200: 123 x 123 x 190,
219 x 198
3DV/400: 268 x 262 x 500,
527 x 460
3DV/600: 575 x 499 x 500,
805 x 698
LED Light for 2D DetectionBlue
Outer Dimension [mm]154 x 133 x 51
Weight [kg]1.1
Matching controllerR-30iB Plus
R-30iB Mate Plus
R-30iB Compact Plus
R-30iB Mini Plus
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