FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot

FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
FANUC M-10iD/8L Arc Welding Robot
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  • Brand: FANUC
  • Model: FANUC M-10iD/8L
Payload (kg)8
Reach (mm)2018
Production Year2032
Used (Yes/No) ?YES

Ultimate reach for fast precision handling

Ideally suited for working in compact robotic cells, the slimline M-10iD/8L occupies a small footprint and can be installed upside down or angle mounted for even more flexibility. For easy and reliable routing of sensor or camera cables, air pipes and other utilities, services are routed through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body.

Slim curved J2 arm

A new lightweight design minimises interference against workpieces and fixtures in order to allow more productivity in your working area.

Minimised integration efforts and optimised cable life span

Fully integrated hosepack and cable management design where the cables are lead through the robot’s hollow arm, wrist and body.

The specialist for low payload material handling

Diminished cycle time – higher productivity owing to the M-10's very rigid hollow arm and advanced servo technology for increased acceleration performance.

Product parameters
Brand: Fanuc
Model: 10iD/8L
Number of axles: 6 axles
Load: 8kg
Working range: 2032mm
Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.03mm
Installation method: floor, ceiling, inclined
Application fields: welding, loading and unloading, assembly, teaching, etc



1.Who are we?

Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.intelligent equipment company specializing in imported robot trade, automation project integration, mechanical equipment leasing, sales and repair of robots and robot accessories, robot maintenance, and robot technology training.
Our goal is to enable customers to truly use robots well

2.What brand of robot can you buy from us?

We have Kuka robots, Yaskawa robots, Fanuc robots, ABB robots, and Nazhi robots

3.what can you buy from us?

Robot/Robot Positioner/Robot Track/Robot Gripper/Robot Control System

4.why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

1: We are engaged in the sale of ABB, KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA four brands for more than ten years

2:Majority of our engineer fromABB, KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA .The engineering manager worked in ABB, KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA company formany years.

3: We can offer majority of industrial controlled component.

5.Do you recycle robots?

Recycling, if you have a robot that needs to be recycled, please contact us

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