Fanuc R-2000iB/165F Industrial Robot

Fanuc R-2000iB/165F Industrial Robot
Fanuc R-2000iB/165F Industrial Robot
Fanuc R-2000iB/165F Industrial Robot

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  • Brand: FANUC
  • Model: Fanuc R-2000iB/165F
Payload (kg)165
Reach (mm)2655
Year of Prod.2012
New / Used ?USED

The Fanuc R-2000iB/165F is an industrial robot developed by Fanuc Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial robots and automation solutions. The R-2000iB/165F is part of Fanuc's R-2000iB series, designed for various material handling, spot welding, and general industrial applications.

Here are some key features and specifications of the Fanuc R-2000iB/165F:

  1. Payload Capacity: The R-2000iB/165F has a maximum payload capacity of 165 kilograms (364 pounds). This means it can handle objects weighing up to 165 kg during its operation.

  2. Reach: The robot has a maximum reach of 3,100 millimeters (122 inches). This refers to the maximum distance the robot arm can reach from its base.

  3. Six Axes: The R-2000iB/165F robot features six axes of motion, providing flexibility and dexterity to perform various tasks. It can move in multiple directions, allowing it to reach objects from different angles.

  4. High-Speed Operation: The R-2000iB/165F is designed for high-speed operation, enabling efficient and fast cycle times in industrial applications.

  5. Large Work Envelope: The robot has a generous work envelope, allowing it to cover a large area and handle a wide range of objects.

  6. R-30iB Plus Controller: The robot is typically paired with Fanuc's R-30iB Plus controller, which offers advanced motion control, programming capabilities, and integrated safety features.

  7. Multiple Tool Compatibility: The R-2000iB/165F can be equipped with various end-of-arm tools (EOATs) to suit different applications. It can handle tasks such as material handling, machine tending, palletizing, and spot welding, depending on the specific tool attached.

  8. Safety Features: The robot is equipped with various safety features, including collision detection, safety-rated stop functions, and safety interlock systems to ensure safe operation in an industrial environment.

  9. Easy Programming: Fanuc robots are known for their user-friendly programming interface. The R-2000iB/165F can be programmed using Fanuc's proprietary programming language called "TP" (Teach Pendant) or through offline programming software like Roboguide.

The Fanuc R-2000iB/165F is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications that require heavy-duty material handling and spot welding. Its high payload capacity, extended reach, and high-speed operation make it suitable for handling large and heavy objects with precision. The robot's flexibility and reliability contribute to increased productivity and efficiency in various manufacturing processes.