FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F

FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F
FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F
FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F
FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F
FANUC Robot R-2000iC/270F

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  • Brand: FANUC
  • Model: R-2000iC
Payload (kg)270
Reach (mm)2655
Year of Prod.2019
New / Used ?USED

FANUC Robot R-2000iC combines years of experience and technology from FANUC, making it a versatile intelligent robot known for its high reliability and excellent cost-effectiveness.
It can contribute to various application fields such as spot welding, transportation, and assembly for users.
●Realized the lightweight and slimming of the robot mechanism.
●Through lightweight arms and new control technologies, the performance of the movement has been greatly improved, thereby greatly improving production efficiency per unit time.
●Capable of providing a variety of optional configurations represented by spot welding improved cable arms to meet various user requirements
● Use robot control device R-30iB/R-30iB Plus. By using optional configurations for power regeneration and miniaturized control devices, energy conservation and space conservation can be achieved.
●It can use various latest intelligent functions such as learning robot function, scattered workpiece picking function, force sensor, visual tracking function, etc.

Product parameters
Brand: Fanuc Robotics
Model: R-2000iC/270
Number of axles: 6 axles
Arm span: 2655mm
Load: 270kg
Installation method: ground level
Body weight: 1320kg
Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Transportation method: special vehicle or logistics
Sold to: Global
Lead Time: Spot
Application fields: spot welding, handling, palletizing, loading and unloading, stamping, assembly, etc