Gripper, robot gripper, clamps, fixture, robot Accessories

Gripper, robot gripper, clamps, fixture, robot Accessories
Gripper, robot gripper, clamps, fixture, robot Accessories
Gripper, robot gripper, clamps, fixture, robot Accessories
Gripper, robot gripper, clamps, fixture, robot Accessories
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  • Model: XY-gripper-food-application
Tool FunctionGripper
Tool TypeXY
Year of Prod.2024
New / Used ?NEW

The grasping action of the flexible gripper is inspired by the tentacles of an octopus, which can softly wrap the grasped object, and achieve flexible grasping without damaging the object or leaving scratches on the surface of the object. And it is widely used in various industries such as auto parts, 3C electronics, food and medical care, clothing, and daily chemicals. Flexible grippers can be used in various industrial occasions such as assembly, sorting, and handling, and can also be used in new retail industries such as vending machines. It has high safety, good versatility, and simple and convenient installation, which makes up for the vacancy that mechanical grippers and vacuum suction cups cannot be used in some occasions.

*****Introduction of flexible gripper****

1、SOFT FEATURES: Bionic structure design, covered gripping, so that the jaws have centimeter-level adaptive ability to the shape of the grasped object. Coping with small and medium-sized batches and multi-batch flexible production lines in factories can effectively save production line switching time. The fastest opening and closing speed of the jaws is 300 times per minute, the highest repeat positioning accuracy is 0.05mm, the maximum load can reach 9kg, the service life of millions of times, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, temperature resistance up to 280 degrees, can be Adapt to most industrial scenarios.

2、SAFETY FEATURES: The jaws are made of pure soft materials, without rigid bones, and the clamping force can be adjusted to deal with fragile and fragile products. The safety is also more guaranteed. The material has passed the US FDA food-grade standard test and can be in direct contact with food, suitable for food and fresh food industries.

3、CONVENIENT FEATURES: Standardized gripper modules make building flexible grippers as simple and convenient as building blocks, saving design time. The driver is equipped with a standard communication interface, which seamlessly matches with various robotic arms and PLCs, and has a U-disk user experience. The controller has a wireless remote control function and a built-in air source (ACU configuration), which is convenient for installation and debugging, and can also be used in a mobile working environment without an air source.


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