Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)

Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
Hand Gripper for Robots (The ARTUS 3D)
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  • Model: The ARTUS 3D Mark 5.0
Tool FunctionRobot Gripper
Tool TypeHand Gripper
Production Year2023
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

The ARTUS 3D Hand is designed for Dull, Dirty, and Dangerous tasks. This agnostic universal end-effector is designed and built to automate complex industrial tasks not possible with conventional grippers. We made the hand easy to integrate and operate, with the average setup time being approximately 30 minutes. 

This compact, lightweight, high dexterity, robotic hand replicates human functionality, allowing the automation of tasks in dynamic environments. Use cases include pick and place, tele-operations, or humanoid robotics. 

The ARTUS 3D Hand is designed for indoor industrial operations to automate general labour tasks. Internal sensors for joint positioning and force application are included; external sensors are available from technology partners. Full specifications can be found at 

Mechanical Overview
Digits5 (4 fingers and 1 thumb)
Degrees of Freedom16 Independant DoF and 4 underactuated DoF
Weight1.1 kg
Speed - Open/close0.6 Hz
Strength - force at fingertips2.0 kg
Max Payload Capacity10 kg
MaterialsCarbon Fiber, Aluminum and Silcone
Power Supply12 Volts DC, 120 Watts
Connector InterfaceISO 9409-1-50-4-M6

All robotic hand models being developed by Sarcomere will be compatible with each other. Our customers can start to develop AI, ML, and kinematic models with the ARTUS 3D Hand now; once the newer and more advanced hands are released, the data sets can be transferred to the new model for seamless operations.



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