Industry Handling Robots (Stacker) - AITEN AM15 AMR

Industry Handling Robots (Stacker) - AITEN AM15 AMR
Industry Handling Robots (Stacker) - AITEN AM15 AMR
Industry Handling Robots (Stacker) - AITEN AM15 AMR
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Payload (kg)1500
Speed (m/s)1.5
Battery (h)8
Year of Prod.2023
New / Used ?NEW

Stacker autonomous mobile robot

Weight load: 1.500 kg.

Lifting height: 1.6 m.

Others: weight, height, and others customized according to customer requirements.

Heavy load shuttle robot (AM15) is suitable for auto parts industry

The robot can complete the shuttle/handling of heavier material cages. The robot largely meets the needs of in-plant logistics and transshipment in the auto parts industry. Of course, the AM series robots are also suitable for material cage handling in storage centers. And the positioning accuracy is high, reaching ±10mm

  •  Rated load: 1500 kg
  •  Turning radius: 1150 mm
  •  Speed (unload/ full load): 1.5/1.0 m/s
  •  Navigation mode: Laser SLAM
  •  Descending speed (unload/full load): 10/5 %
  •  Battery voltage and capacity: 24V/100Ah
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