Leverage Robotics, ToolCubes Tool Change

Leverage Robotics, ToolCubes Tool Change
Leverage Robotics, ToolCubes Tool Change
Leverage Robotics, ToolCubes Tool Change
Leverage Robotics, ToolCubes Tool Change
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Leverage Robotics

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Tool FunctionTool Changer
Tool TypeCobot
Year of Prod.2023
New / Used ?NEW

TC-B-1 for Cobots
The Starter Set provides the basis for a tool change with a passive ToolCube and includes the fingertips for screwing onto the parallel gripper, the basic software for the ToolCubes, a TC holder and a passive ToolCube of your choice. This enables you to gain initial experience with flexible tooling and gradually expand your portfolio with additional ToolCubes.

Delivery scope:

  • 1x Pair Fingertips
  • 1x ToolCube of your choice
  • 1x LR-UR Cap Base
  • 1x TC-Holder
  • Delivery time 4-6 weeks
  • TC-B-1 for Cobots


ToolCubes from Leverage Robotics optimize your production and increase your efficiency

Optimize the performance of your robotic system with the automatically interchangeable ToolCubes from Leverage Robotics. Expand the capabilities of your two-finger gripper to include vacuum gripping, centered gripping of round objects, or magnetic gripping of ferromagnetic objects - without the need for a costly power supply or vacuum generation. The ToolCubes can be easily attached to your standard robot gripper and, by eliminating long travel distances, minimize your setup times and increase the flexibility of your robot system. Discover the future of automation with Leverage Robotics ToolCubes!



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