Brand: LOCUS Model: Locus Max
Locus Max is the heavyweight, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) specifically designed for safe, autonomous transportation of large and heavy payloads throughout your facility. Featuring an industrial strength chassis, Locus Max’s 3,000 lbs. carrying capacity and omnidirectional mobility enables astonish..
Brand: LOCUS Model: Locus Origin
Locus Origin is the intelligent autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that’s designed specifically for collaborative, high volume order fulfillment. With our exclusive, multi-bot approach, Locus Origin improves fulfillment productivity over 2X by eliminating unproductive walking time and ensures order accur..
Brand: LOCUS Model: Locus Vector
Locus Vector is the innovative, flexible, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) specially designed for high-productivity material handling and logistics applications. Built with an industrial strength chassis, omnidirectional mobility, and compact design, Locus Vector can be deployed in a wide range of envi..
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