NEURA LARA Medical Cobot and Robot

NEURA LARA Medical Cobot and Robot
NEURA LARA Medical Cobot and Robot

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Payload (kg)3-15
Reach (mm)1300
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

User interface

The innovative GUI with its 3D visualisation allows anyone to intuitively program LARA with ease. Thanks to the digital twin, new applications can be easily tested in a simulated environment.

Easy setup

Start operating within one hour, no coding experience required.

HMI panel

LARA does not require any additional devices or tools.


Fast trajectory assignment design and command execution in your preferred language.

LARA specifications


3-15 kg


590 – 1300 mm


Up to 200°/s


17 – 55 kg

Protection class

IP 66

Working temperature

0°C – 50°C


EtherCAT, CAN Bus, IO Link, Modbus


Target: Pld Cat. 3 / SIL 3

Payload (kg)3-15
Reach (mm)1300
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

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