NEURA MAiRA Medical Cobot and Robot

NEURA MAiRA Medical Cobot and Robot
NEURA MAiRA Medical Cobot and Robot
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Payload (kg)15
Reach (mm)1600
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

Meet MAiRA

MAiRA Jr. is the compact version of MAiRA, designed to bring cognitive functions to small and compact robots.

This makes the robot suitable for all kinds of applications in small and confined workplaces, e.g. in laboratory environments.

With these functions, MAiRA Jr. closes the gap between traditional cobots like LARA and the first commercially available cognitive robot MAiRA.


6-8 kg


900 mm

Degrees of Freedom

6 or 7


1.45 meters fully extended

IP classification

IP 65

Collaboration (optional)

Touchless Safe Human Detection,
3D Voice Recognition Sensor


MAiRA reaches far


MAiRA S - 1.050 mm


MAiRA M - 1.400 mm


MAiRA L - 1.600 mm

Payload (kg)15
Reach (mm)1600
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

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