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Country / LocationUnited States
Sector or IndustryGeneral
Experience (year)9+
Number of Projects25+

Pelican Robotics is revolutionizing industrial automation with our cutting-edge solutions, tailored for modern warehouse fulfillment and distribution. As an authorized FANUC Systems Integrator, we specialize in Goods to Person/Goods to Robot and Piece/Each Picking technologies, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. Our Pelican Pack™ system, a standout in our portfolio, epitomizes innovation in AI-based packing density optimization.

Pelican Pack™ is an AI-driven, fully autonomous robotics solution adept at handling diverse palletizing and depalletizing needs. It excels in mixed-case scenarios, processing up to 20 mixed-SKU boxes per pallet, reaching heights of 6 feet. This capability maximizes storage within existing infrastructure, streamlining the operational flow. Pelican Pack™ integrates advanced AI and 3D vision, enabling dynamic, real-time motion planning. This results in efficient dimensioning and optimization, even in mixed-case scenarios.

Our systems are not just about automation; they're about smart, adaptive automation. Pelican Pack™ detects, plans, and executes tasks with precision, handling varying box sizes, positions, and orientations effortlessly. It's designed to automate both inbound and outbound processes, accommodating diverse packaging and container types. This versatility makes it a perfect fit for businesses looking to optimize their packing processes without extensive operational changes.

By choosing Pelican Robotics, you're not just getting a robot; you're getting a partner in enhancing your operational efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining high accuracy and consistency in your workflow. Contact us [email protected] today to discover how we can transform your business with our innovative automated solutions.




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