PRLIDAR C1 Lidar for Robot

PRLIDAR C1 Lidar for Robot
PRLIDAR C1 Lidar for Robot

Slamtec Lidar

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  • Model: C1M1
Device FunctionLidar
Device TypeLocalization
Year of Prod.2024
New / Used ?NEW


  • [High-precision Fused 2D LiDAR] RPLIDAR C1 2D lidar sensor support ranging radius up to 12m, Ranging blind spot as low as 0.05m, Scanning frequency 8~12Hz, Typical: 10Hz (600rpm), 5K sampling frequency, 0.72° angular resolution, IP54 Proof Level, Light intensity resistance: 40,000lux, Ranging Resolution: ±30mm, Pitch Angle: 0°-1.5°, Range Accuracy: 15mm.
  • [HD High Definition and Cost-Effective] RPLIDAR C1 lidar scanner integrates the technical advantages accumulated in triangulation and TOF ranging for many years, enabling C1 rangefinder to meet the requirements of robot positioning, mapping, and navigation in terms of ranging accuracy, distance measurement, anti-interference, and anti-adhesion performance.
  • [Compact in Size and Easy to Integrate] RPLIDAR C1 lidar sensor not only delivers powerful performance but also features a compact and agile design. It is small and has low levels of noise and vibration, making it easy to integrate into various applications. Its compact size and versatility open up a wide range of possibilities and uses.
  • [Widely Application Scenarios] RPLIDAR C1 Lidar Sensor rangefinder can be applied to Home Robots, Environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction, Commercial Robot, Obstacle detection and avoidance, Autonomous Vehicles in Low-Speed Parks, Parking Lot Space Monitoring and so on.


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