Brand: REEMAN Model: FBOT12B
DELIGO FOOD DELIVERY ROBOTAs the upgraded intelligent food delivery method of REEMAN, Itcan automatically deliver foods efficiently and accurately to the dining table. It serves a number of functions, such as intelligent reminder of dinner plate, autonomous charging, and op..
Brand: REEMAN Model: ABOT12B
SNAIL SWEEPER CLEANING ROBOT:Commercial Cleaning RobotThe world's first commercial cleaning robot that integrates sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection, focusing on all-round cleaning of indoor floors.AUTOMATIC PLAN CLEANING PATH"弓"-shaped mopping along t..
Brand: REEMAN Model: RM101
Product Details ofLanguage Interaction Commercial Humanoid Service Robot Commercial service robot is a high-tech intelligent service robot, which can provide a variety of services such as consulting and business handling, and accurately answer questions raised by customers, reduce l..
Brand: REEMAN Model: RBOT12D
Product Details ofMoon Knight 2.0 Robot Chassis Intelligent Mobile Robot Platform Development SDK Platform..
Brand: REEMAN Model: FBOT23D
Product Details ofRemote Control Square Robot Chassis Remote control Square Robot chassis,open SDK, provide API interface, and provide users with technical support for secondary development. reduce development costs, Users can match different applications according to actual needs witho..
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