Focus on energy savings and spot welding robots

A regenerative power supply solution presented by Yaskawa at this year’s Euroblech (25–28 October in Hanover, Stand 26-D56) promises energy savings in robot operation of 8 to 25 per cent. In addition, the focus will be on the latest Motoman SP series of spot welding robots.

The new solution as a standard version without additional hardware enables the robot’s braking energy to be fed back into the power grid. All larger Motoman robots of the series with a payload of approx. 50 kg or more and the latest YRC1000 robot controller are thus able to convert kinetic energy from downward and sideways movements directly into 400 V alternating current at 50 Hz and feed it back into the grid. Depending on the movement patterns, the robot’s energy requirements are significantly reduced. Prerequisite for this energy recovery is the standard robot controller YRC1000 in conjunction with the larger robots featuring a payload of approx. 50 kg or more.


Motoman SP series of spot welding robots

The second focus at Yaskawa is on the highly flexible and powerful Motoman SP series of spot welding robots. With payloads of 80 to 250 kg, they are suitable for a variety of common spot welding guns and technologies, in particular for servo-controlled welding guns with robotic gun balancing in spot welding cells and car body engineering. At Euroblech stand they are in part equipped with medium frequency aluminium pliers from CenterLine.

The slim and lightweight design, the latest Sigma-7 servo technology and a standard capacitor unit for the recuperation of braking energy result in excellent cycle times. Depending on the movement pattern, considerable energy/CO2 savings are thus also possible with these robots in typical spot welding movement cycles (fast/short point-to-point positioning movements).


Arc welding and cutting with the Motoman AR series

For challenging arc welding and cutting tasks, Yaskawa’s portfolio includes the Motoman AR series with working ranges from 700 to 3,124 mm. Especially in conjunction with Yaskawa’s own positioning, tracks and portals they support all conceivable welding methods and processes, including welding equipment from various manufacturers. At the same time, the robots satisfy extremely high standards of precision, speed and process control.


Source: Yaskawa