KUKA "Edition" robots help new customers automate welding tasks efficiently in price-sensitive markets. These focused robots offer an ideal cost-benefit ratio within the current KUKA technology portfolio. Initially, the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC will initially be available in two "Edition" variants, with other KUKA robots to follow.

No one would drive a Formula 1 vehicle on a highway, so why use a highly specialized process robot for very simple applications? The new KR CYBERTECH nano ARC HW Edition robot is made for simple arc welding. This hollow-wrist robot provides the ideal entry into efficient automation – with KUKA as a reliable partner.

Smaller investment, easier automation

"Edition" robots draw on the current KUKA technology portfolio, including the newly updated KR CYBERTECH nano series, the latest-generation KR C5 controller and appropriate welding software, such as KUKA.ArcTech Basic. “Instead of downsizing, we are opting for ‘rightsizing,’” explained Markus Hollfelder-Asam, Portfolio Manager at KUKA. “The “Edition” robot variant offers simplified, focused, reliable technology that remains a genuine KUKA original.” For customers in highly dynamic and price-sensitive markets, the adapted design of the “Edition” robot significantly lowers procurement costs.



‘Typical high KUKA quality’

The KR CYBERTECH nano ARC HW Edition robot is designed for payloads of 6 kg and can be installed on the floor or ceiling. To match varying requirements requirements in the entry-level segment, KUKA offers two versions of the “Edition” robot: one with a reach of up to 1,440 mm and one with a reach of 2,010 mm. The standard version uses a 50-millimeter hollow wrist with bearings on one side, whereas the Edition” robot features a hollow wrist with bearings on both sides, a diameter of 46 mm and 0.04 mm repeatability. 

“This is exactly right for entry-level applications in the field of arc welding,” Hollfelder-Asam confirmed. “We were determined to deliver typical high KUKA quality. This means the hollow wrist supports optimal positioning for the welding process and avoids additional disruptive contours. Additionally, “Edition” robots include a maintenance-free cable set like the KR CYBERTECH nano series.”

"Edition" robots incorporate industry-proven quality perfectly suited to the global requirements of entry-level welding applications. KUKA will launch the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC HW Edition robot first, followed by additional "Edition" robot types.


Source: Kuka