Brand: STAUBLI Model: MPS 130
Payload up to 100 kg, Bending moment up to 900 Nm (static), Torsion moment up to 800 Nm (static), Locking: pneumatic (additional protection by compound spring on pressure drop), Operating air pressure: 0.45 MPa –  0.8 MPa, Flange fitting per EN ISO 9409-1-100-6-M8  ..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: BLI3004A02F
 STAUBLI Robot Power Module, CS8C, BLI3004A02F STAUBLI CS8C POWER MODULE REF: BLI3004A02F // ARPS/D 243 126 01 A UIN: 230VAC - 50/60HZ - 1.8A ..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: BLI3004A02
 STAUBLI Robot Power Module,CS8-C, BLI3004A02 STAUBLI CS8-C POWER MODULE REFERENCE: BLI3004A02 UIN:230VAC 50/60HZ U: 25VDC/175W - 25V/88W - 25V/23W -13V/39W ..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: TS60
Features:Maximum load (1) 8 kgNominal load 2 kgAction radius 600 mmNumber of degrees of freedom 4Repeatability according to ISO 9283 ± 0.01 mm Axis of travel 1 ± 140°(3)Axis of travel 2 ± 150°Stroke 200 mm or 400 mm (optional)Axis 4 travel ±500°(2)Max..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: TS80
SCARA 4-axis robot STAUBLI TS80 sold without learning pendantSCARA 4-axis robot STAUBLI TS80 Without learning pendant !..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: Staubli TX90
Staubli TX90 Loading and unloading robot Brand: Staubli Model: TX90 Number of axles: 6 axles Load: 20kg Arm span: 1000mm Repetitive accuracy: 0.03mm Installation method: floor and ceiling Application fields: loading and unloading, handling, palletizing, assembly, teaching, etc..
Brand: STAUBLI Model: TX90L
Stäubli 6 axes #robot, Type: TX90L, it offers a 6.0 kg payload and 1100 mm reach. The repeatability of the Staubli TX90L robot is 0.035 mm. Common applications of the Staubli TX90L robot include: #3d printing, arc welding, dispensing, and spot welding. Many units are in-stock now, f..
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