Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T2
TUG is a smart autonomous mobile robot that securely delivers medications, specimens and other materials. Using assignable and lockable drawers accessible through a combination of pin-code and fingerprint scanning technology ensures reliable and secure delivery. The door cart can be used to securely..
Brand: AETHON Model: TUG T3
Product Description The TUG T3 a smart autonomous mobile robot that automates the transport of materials and supplies in commercial environments TUG is different from traditional AGV systems in that it requires no infrastructure for navigation. • 24x7 Improved Productivity • Auto docks and auto char..
We’re not just changing movement, we’re changing the world. At Aethon, we know that you don’t become a world leader by following the crowd. That’s why from the very beginning – and to this very day – we’ve led by example. Innovation is at the core of everything at Aethon – every employee, every idea..
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