Siemens Process Simulate V15

Siemens Process Simulate V15
Siemens Process Simulate V15
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Software FunctionSimulation
Software VersionV15
License TypePermanent
Support (Y/N)YES

Reduce cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues • Reduce number of physical prototypes with upfront virtual validation • Optimize cycle times through simulation • Ensure ergonomically safe processes • Reduce cost by re-using standard tools and facilities • Minimize productions risk by simulating several manufacturing scenarios • Early validation of the mechanical and electrical integrated production processes (PLC and robotics) • Early validation of production commissioning in a virtual environment • Increase process quality by emulating realistic processes throughout the process lifecycle


• 3D simulation • Static and dynamic collision detection • 2D and 3D sections • 3D measurements • Sequencing of operations • Assembly and robotic path planning

Features continued

• Resource modeling (3D and kinematics) • Line and workstations design • Documentation tools • Natively supported JT™ visualization standard • Human tasks simulation - Reach envelopes - Vision window - Postures - Auto grasp wizard - Ergonomics analysis • Discrete and continuous process simulation - Projection of welds on parts - Gun search wizard - Project arc seam - Torch alignment - Weld gun validation - Design/modify weld gun and tooling geometry and kinematics - Robot reach test - Robot smart placement - Robotic simulation editing • Robotics process simulation - Event-driven simulation - Detailed robot programming - Controller-specific command recognition - Boolean and non-Boolean signals exchange - Robot logic editing and validation • Virtual commissioning - Model control resources (sensors and controlled devices) - Signal definition based on real HW - Simulate internal resource logic (Boolean and analog) - Connect virtual model with real PLC code - Integrated simulation using actual PLC code and HW over OPC interface

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