SOMANET Node, 400W Servo Drive

SOMANET Node, 400W Servo Drive
SOMANET Node, 400W Servo Drive
SOMANET Node, 400W Servo Drive
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Part FunctionServo Driver
Part Type400W
Year of Prod.2023
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Synapticon’s proprietary control technologies, such as Model-predictive Deadbeat Field-oriented Control, allow a low heat dissipation of the drives while keeping up very high motion control performance. Advanced disturbance compensation, e.g. for sensor noise, non-linearities in motor and gearbox as well as cogging torque, enable high quality motion even with medium to low cost motors and sensors. SOMANET Node: Meet the most compact and flexible embedded EtherCAT servo drives.


SOMANET Node series is a family of ultra-compact, super-efficient and high-performance servo drives that support all PMSM / Synchronous AC / BLDC motors up to 60V and 100A / 66Arms and feature an EtherCAT interface with CiA DS 402 protocol.
All functions of the SOMANET Node series can be configured and tuned with OBLAC Tools, a simple to use yet powerful commissioning and motion tuning tool suite.


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Synapticon’s servo drives are among the most compact power electronics in the world. The drives can be integrated right next to the motors in a robot arm or inside a servo motor. Safety functions, and additional sensors can be integrated and the number of wires is reduced from hundreds to only six: one DC power bus and one communication line. Expensive shielding and wear protection becomes obsolete. Cables never need to be maintained again. Product design becomes simpler. Robot or machine system cost reduces.




Number of PMSM (BLDC) / brushed DC motors*1 / 2*
Brake power outputPWM controllable (0-48 V)
Efficiency at rated power98%
Position feedback sensor support (2 ports)Hall, QEI, BiSS-C, SSI, Half-Duplex, A-Format
Analog inputs (auxiliary)2 × single-ended 0-10 V, 2 × differential ±5 V (hardware-configurable upon request: 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 V, ±5 V, ±10 V)
Digital I/O4 × GPIO / SPI / I²C / UART
NotesPlease refer to our product documentation for more detailed specifications
 SOMANET Node 400SOMANET Node 1000SOMANET Node 2000
Rated supply voltage12 - 48 / 60 V DC  
Maximum input current DC9.6 A24 A48 A
Maximum Continuous Phase Current RMS13.2 A33 A36 A
Maximum phase current RMS13.2 A33 A66 A
Maximum Continuous Output Power415 W1,040 W1,200 W
Maximum peak power output415 W1,040 W2,080 W



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