Brand: TUNKERS Model: SZK63T12X40
Tunkers Pneumatic Retract PIN Clamp SZK63T12X40..
Brand: TUNKERS Model: PSB 32 R T07 
Tunkers Pneumatic Swivel Clamp PSB 32 R T07  ..
Brand: TUNKERS Model: KU80A10T12
Tunkers Clamp KU 80 A10 T12 Pneumatic Clamp 30° KU80A10T12 ..
Brand: TUNKERS Model: Euro Gripper
One Screw – that was the basic idea behind the development of the new modular TÜNKERS gripper system TOS. No additional fixing elements like blind rivets or clamping elements, but only one screw that connects the modules to the basic frame – quick and easy. The fact that in the end there are two scr..
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