UR\ Cleaner - autonomous cleaning robot

UR\ Cleaner - autonomous cleaning robot
UR\ Cleaner - autonomous cleaning robot
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  • Model: UR\ Cleaner 3.0
Speed (m/s)1
Battery (h)8
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

UR\ Cleaner is a fully autonomous cleaning robot which executes tasks without human supervision. Due to intelligent route planning and automatic re-mapping, UR\ Cleaner safely avoids obstacles. The robot recharges and refills water by itself by using a docking station. Its manoeuvrability allows for operating in narrow spaces and dead-ends. 

UR\ Cleaner will help you: 

  • save costs 
  • save time
  • keep your space safe and clean
  • measure and improve the cleaning process

Made to clean: 

  • industries
  • commercials
  • public facilities
  • warehouses

Dimensions (cm): W92 x L72 x H152 
Working width (cm): 70
Maximum speed (m/s): 0,3- 1
Area Coverage per 24 hrs (m²): 25 000
Total Weight (kg): 150 (without water)
Operating time (hrs): up to 8
Battery charging time (hrs): up to 6 hrs
Charging Voltage: 230 VAC, 50Hz

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Speed (m/s)1
Battery (h)8
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

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