Brand: YASKAWA Model: yaskawa waterjet robot
Pedestal type single robot arm waterjet cutting solution is developed to be specially used on 3D cutting tasks. Mainly usage is for Automotive interiors parts processing. It can process different shapes of workpieces by changing different programs. Tasks would be like Headlining, floor carpets, lugg..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: EA1900N
 MOTOMAN EA1900N dedicated to Arc Welding Robot The welding torch is integrated into the robot's rotation axis Vertical joint, 6 axes Payload capacity 3 kg Reach 1900 mm Mounting position floor, wall, ceiling The Motoman EA1900N, featuring an internal cable ..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: HP20D
 The Yaskawa Motoman HP20D robot is a multipurpose industrial robot that can be floor, ceiling, or track mounted giving it substantial flexibility. The HP20D uses the advanced Motoman DX100 controller. The HP20D can be used for either mate..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: Motoman MH50-20
The Yaskawa Motoman MH50-20 is a robotic material removal robot that has a very long reach. The Motoman MH50-20 is the extended reach version of the Motoman MH50. This used Motoman robot is the successor to the popular Motoman HP50-20. The MH50-20 is available in the Motoman DX100 and Yaskawa DX200 ..
Product parametersBrand: Yaskawa Model: MCL130 Number of axles: 6 axles Load: 130kg Arm span: 2650mm Control system: DX100 Installation method: ground level Application fields: handling, palletizing, loading and unloading, stamping, spot welding, assembly, etcProduct IntroductionY..
The Lemma wrist is very suitable for the front flat conveyor belt synchronous tracking spray painting method! The wrist structure with no singular points on the front makes synchronous tracking and painting teaching tasks easier. By being used in conjunction with MOTOFEEDER, it can handle painting o..
Powerful high-speed 6-axis robot is ideal for many applications and processes. Increased 24 kg payload, as well as increased moment and inertia ratings over previous models, allow larger and heavier loads to be carried by the robot...
Brand: YASKAWA Model: SGMGH-44A2A-YR18
Yaskawa AC Servo Motor Type SGMGH-44A2A-YR18 4400 w 28.4 N.M 45A 200V 1500 rpm Made in Yaskawa Electric Japan Date 1301 Disassembled New Product..
 YASKAWA frequency inverter Reference: CIPR-GA70C4002BBAA-BAAAAA GA700 series 400 V - 0.75 kW ..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: GP110
The GP110 is a compact 6-axis industrial robot with 110 kg payload, 2236 mm reach and excellent repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm. Equipped to handle high payloads for heavy part processing, the powerful six-axis GP110 robot increases productivity for a wide selection of tasks. While high moment and iner..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: GP8
Yaskawa GP8 Robot, Repainted Industrial RobotMaximum Load of Robot: 8 kg                Number of axis: 6 Maximum horizontal reach: 727 mm    Maximum vertical reach: 1,312  mm Repeatability: ±0.02 mm        &nb..
Brand: YASKAWA Model: HC10DTP
The MOTOMAN HC10DTP is a human-collaborative robot with a payload of 10 kg. It provides an absolute reach (S/L-Axis center of rotation to R/T-Axis center of rotation) of 1,379 mm and an effective reach (S/L-Axis center of rotation to Point P of) of 1,200 mm.Specifications like high IP6..
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