Aethon TUG T3 Smart Autonomous Mobile

Aethon TUG T3 Smart Autonomous Mobile
Aethon TUG T3 Smart Autonomous Mobile

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Payload (kg)450
Speed (m/s)75
Battery (h)10
Year of Prod.2022
New / Used ?NEW

Product Description The TUG T3 a smart autonomous mobile robot that automates the transport of materials and supplies in commercial environments TUG is different from traditional AGV systems in that it requires no infrastructure for navigation. • 24x7 Improved Productivity • Auto docks and auto charges • Automatic drop off and pickup of carts • Can travel on irregular concrete floors • Navigates on internal map of facility using laser • Has multiple dispatch modes: o Scheduled o Touchscreen ad-hoc o Multi-stop “milk runs” o Handheld ad-hoc requests o Manufacturing system messages

Specification 293130 Maximum Carrying Capacity 1000 lbs / 453 kg Battery Run Time 10 hours with intermittent charging Battery Technology Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Cart Length 38 inches / 96.5 cm Drive System Omnidirectional 4 wheel driven Navigation and sensing Real-time multi-LIDAR, sonar and infrared sensors Communications WiFi or 900MHz Support Locally hosted or remote to Aethon Command Centervia secure encrypted VPN Turning Radius Rotateabout center, front, rear Docking Station Width 24” (61cm) plus 12” (30.5") clearance Environmental Interior use Travel Speed 30 inches (76 cm) per second