Gripper (End of Arm Tool) Configurator CADGRIP 2.2

Gripper (End of Arm Tool) Configurator CADGRIP 2.2
Gripper (End of Arm Tool) Configurator CADGRIP 2.2
Gripper (End of Arm Tool) Configurator CADGRIP 2.2

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  • Brand: AGS
  • Model: CADGRIP 2.2
Tool FunctionGripper
Tool TypeCadGrid
Year of Prod.2024
New / Used ?NEW

The operation of this software is simple and intuitive. No prior knowledge of operating a CAD system, for example, is required. CAD - Grip works independently without the combined use of standard CAD software. Users can configure their gripper offline. "This eliminates the need to install software, which often leads to a high need for coordination with the IT department, especially in large companies. CAD - Grip is supplied on a USB stick.

The application is started via an automatically executing file. Installation on the company computer is therefore not necessary. "The application is child's play" The user imports the component to be gripped and moved. The gripper parts can then be systematically arranged from the versatile modular gripper system using "drag and drop". At this point, the software supports the user, as the components are equipped with logical snap points that make it easy to allocate them appropriately. If the snap point is selected in the software, suitable components from the entire AGS product range are displayed as design recommendations. The user receives valuable tips for alternative design solutions. The virtual assembly is controlled and optimised. The arrangement of the suitable gripper components is completely automatic.

The screen displays if the component corresponds to the automation solution. Ordering errors are therefore ruled out. This applies in particular to the actual assembly of the gripper components in practice. Once the configuration is complete, the parts list is exported to the AGS customer portal and an online order can be triggered. The user can also have his configuration exported from the system. The appropriate format for the CAD software used, e.g. Inventor, Autocad, Solidworks, Proengineer or Catia, is available to the user.

AGS also provides important detailed information with the software. For example, the weight of the selected components is automatically added together and shows the user the total weight of the robot hand. Once a solution has been developed, it can be reproduced at any time and can therefore be used by different users. The documentation can be exported to a PDF file.

You can obtain the software without the licence file via the "Download software" link. The required licence file will be sent to you by e-mail after you have submitted and signed the licence agreement (also as a download). This test licence is valid for 6 months.

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