Brand: AGS Model: Customer Portal
Your access to the customer portalPrices Parts availability CAD data for download Weight addition Born from practice..
Brand: AGS Model: TEK
The TEK telecontrol can also be used for flow monitoring. Switching distances of 1 - 600mm can be realized. Mounting options are available here for almost all sensors and cameras on the market.More Info ..
Brand: AGS Model: ZVE
If the gripper or the unit is to be centered and locked, the centering and locking unit ZVE is used. These are pneumatically driven, single-acting or double-acting. Interrogation is possible. This unit can also be used at manual workstations for changing supports.More Info
Brand: AGS Model: ANS
ANS nippers are used when components have to be separated. These are also called sprue cutting nippers because they are often used for sprue cutting. There are different sizes and cutting inserts with different cutting angles. The sprue can also be held at the same time as trimming.More Info www..
Brand: AGS Model: StartSet
Gripper construction conversion sets PreicGrip System For customers who already use gripper arms, suction pads, grippers, etc. from the competition. Contents: Profiles, profile accessories, profile connectors, clamps.Gripper construction starter set – PreciGrip System For customers who want to..
Brand: AGS Model: PreciGrip
The PreciGrip Gripper (EOAT) construction kit was developed from years of experience in gripper construction. The aim here is to build the gripper in a 90 degree orientation of the gripper components, if possible, and to make only the active element such as the suction cup, the sprue gripper or the ..
Brand: AGS Model: GFI
If the demolding forces or the handling weight is too great that the vacuum suction cup is no longer sufficient, the GFI gripper fingers are used. There are different sizes with different finger shapes. Functional range: Single-acting, double-acting with or without self-locking. The modular system o..
Brand: AGS Model: IBG
If components are gripped via a bore, the IBG inner bellows gripper can be used. Different sizes are available. The operating principle is pushing / pulling. The inner bellows grippers can be very easily integrated into the gripping system via the extension thread.More Info
Brand: AGS Model: MGR
If the component is ferromagnetic, it can be easily handled with magnetic grippers MGR. Handling weight per gripper from 200g - 3000g. ES there are electrically or pneumatically driven versions. Via the prism directly on the body, the unit can be attached to PreciGrip profiles.More Info www.ags-..
Brand: AGS Model: PAG / PAG-E
If inserts or bushings, rings or screws have to be picked up precisely, PAG impact grippers are used. A distinction is made here between different sizes, number of gripper fingers and stroke sizes. The adaptation options from the modular system are also used optimally here, both in the gripping dire..
Brand: AGS Model: TEK
The presence of components in the gripper is monitored with the AGS part controls TEK. They are mostly used when no monitoring with a vacuum suction cup (vacuum switch) can take place. For the part controls there are a lot of accessories in the program, mounting material, cables, plugs and distribut..
Brand: AGS Model: SG1 / SG2 / SG3 / SG0, EOAT, Gripper, End of Arm Tooling
The suction pad (vacuum cup) SG is the simplest and most cost-effective way to handle a component. There are various designs, materials and sizes. It can be attached directly to the profile, rigid, twistable, spring-loaded and via a lifting unit.More Info
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