Gripper (EOAT) Support Frame

Gripper (EOAT) Support Frame
Gripper (EOAT) Support Frame
Gripper (EOAT) Support Frame
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  • Brand: AGS
  • Model: MBO-1-T
Tool FunctionGripper
Tool TypeSupport Frame
Production Year2024
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

V1 - simple, rational gripper construction
V2 - functional control of the gripper 
V3 - reproducibility - gripper part


- Quick-change gripper system GWS-1 or GWS-2
- Clamping device for the moulded parts
- Vacuum generation through integrated Venturi nozzle
- Vacuum control by pressure gauge
- Function control of the active elements (such as fingers, grippers, etc.) via integrated compressed air valve
- Centring aid - centre of gripper = centre of workpiece

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