Kuka KR 600LP gantry robots

Kuka KR 600LP gantry robots
Kuka KR 600LP gantry robots

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: KR 600LP
Payload (kg)600
Reach (mm)45000
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

Different models of KUKA gantry robots:

Robot typeKR 16LKR 50LKR 80LKR 300LKR 300LPKR 600LPKR 600L
Payload16 kg50 kg80 kg300 kg300 kg600 kg600 kg
Number of axes3333333
Pose repeatability± 0,1 mm± 0,1 mm± 0,1 mm± 0,3 mm± 0,3 mm± 0,3 mm± 0,3 mm
Velocity A13,0 m/s3,0 m/s2,6 m/s2,0 m/s2,6 m/s2,0 m/s2,0 m/s
Velocity A23,0 m/s2,0 m/s2,0 m/s1,7 m/s2,6 m/s2,0 m/s1,5 m/s
Velocity A34,0 m/s3,0 m/s3,0 m/s1,0 m/s1,4 m/s1,3 m/s1 m/s
Basic travel A11.500 mm1.500 mm1.500 mm1.500 mm1.500 mm4.000 mm1.500 mm
Max. travel A115.000 mm45.000 mm45.000 mm45.000 mm45.000 mm45.000 mm45.000 mm
Basic travel A2500 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm2.500 mm4.000 mm500 mm
Max. travel A21.000 mm1.500 mm2.000 mm2.000 mm6.000 mm9.500 mm2.000 mm
Basic travel A3500 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm1.000 mm
Max. travel A31.500 mm2.500 mm2.500 mm2.500 mm2.500 mm2.500 mm2.500 mm

Weight with basic travel of A1 - A3

(without columns, without load)

ca. 310 kgca. 580 kgca. 1.040 kgca. 2.270 kgca. 2.300 kgca. 4.900 kgca. 2.500 kg
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KUKA Linearroboter/Portalroboter: Vorteile

Large work spaces

Thanks to the modular design of our linear robots, large working areas can be realized. The axis-related travels depend on the robot type.

Small interference contour

Thanks to minimal interfering contours, the working area underneath the robot can also be used. This ensures maximum accessibility and increases the clearance.

Wide selection

In addition to the standard linear robots, our linear robots in gantry design can be used to realize even larger working areas and a variety of applications.

Proven KUKA controller

Use of the proven KUKA KR C controller ensures smooth interaction with other components, e.g. with KUKA jointed-arm robots.

Payload (kg)600
Reach (mm)45000
Production Year2022
Used (Yes/No) ?NO

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