Kuka Robots

Brand: KUKA Model: KR6 R900 Sixx
The KR Agilus Sixx R900 is a fast work­er, which ben­e­fits man­u­fac­tur­ers by reduc­ing cycle times and increas­ing repeata­bil­i­ty. The R900 Agilus KR C4 has a com­pact size, sav­ing space with its small foot­print, and also mak­ing it very..
Brand: KUKA Model: KR10 R1100 SIXX
High speeds and incred­i­ble pre­ci­sion are huge attrib­ut­es of the KR 10 R1100 Sixx. Tack­ling a vari­ety of appli­ca­tions, this robot is very ver­sa­tile with floor, ceil­ing, and wall mount­ing options. It has an IP54 pro­tec­tion rat­ing, pay­load capac­i­ty..
Brand: KUKA Model: AGILUS
KUKA Agilus KR10 R1100 Sixx with KRC4 controller 10kg load capacity -1100 reach capacity  Year 2018 KSS 8.5 Less than 100 working hours Profinet soft.    ..
Brand: KUKA Model: KR6 R700 Fivve
The KUKA KR6 R700 Fivve is part of its small KR Agilus fam­i­ly. The KUKA KR6 R700 Fivve has 5 axes and a 6 kg pay­load. Known for its pre­ci­sion and high speeds, the KUKA KR 6 R700 Fivve can enhance pro­..
Brand: KUKA Model: Training
Cobot TrainingCollaborative robots Cobot Programming Cobot Installations Cobot ApplicationsTotal 72 hours robot training ..
Brand: KUKA Model: 00-228-936
KUKA EMD Calibration Instrument Tool 00-228-936 Mastering Tool ..
Brand: KUKA Model: KCP4
KUKA KCP4, SmartPad, KRC4 Pendant, Kuka KCP Panel, Kuka Teachpendant ..
Brand: KUKA Model: KMP 1500
Dimensions (L×W×H) 2,000×800×470mm (with scanners) Weight 711 kg /935 kg (with lifting system and battery system extender) Rated payload 1,500kg Velocity straight ahead max. 1m/s Velocity diagonally and sideways max. 0.56m/s Wheel diameter 310mm Battery capacity 52Ah/96 V (at least 4 hours) Charging..
Brand: KUKA Model: KR 10 R1440-2
 KR CYBERTECH nano robot arm data overview​   KR 6 R1840-2 KR 8 R1640-2 KR 10 R1440-2 KR 10 R1420 KR 10 R1440-2 HO Payload 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg 10 kg ..
Brand: KUKA Model: KR 210 L180-2
Specifications Brand KUKA Model KR 210 L180-2 Type Robot Arm Axes 6 Payload 180 kg Reach 2900 mm Repeatability 0.06 mm Weight 1277 kgThe KUKA KR 210 L180-2 ..
Brand: KUKA Model: KR 210 R2700
Industrial Robot KUKA KR210 R2700 compact and robust design that provides safety and durability and at the same time is lightweight. It is characterized by maintaining the harmony between the load capacity and the range of reach of the robotic arm. Ideal for spot welding processes with optimal cycle..
Brand: KUKA Model: Kuka KR 210 R2700-2 Robot
KR QUANTEC robot arm data overview KR 150 R3100-2 HO KR 180 R2900-2 KR 180 R2900-2 F KR 180 R3500-2 K KR 180 R3500-2 K-F KR 180 R3500-2 Payload 150 kg 180 kg 180 kg 180&nb..
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