KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot

KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot
KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot
KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot
KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot
KUKA KR10 R1100 SIXX Robot

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: KR10 R1100 SIXX
Payload (kg)10
Reach (mm)1100
Year of Prod.2017
New / Used ?USED

  1. Payload Capacity: The KR10 R1100 SIXX is capable of handling a payload of up to 10 kilograms (approximately 22 pounds). It is designed for applications that require lower payload capacities.

  2. Applications: KUKA robots are used in various industries for tasks such as pick and place, assembly, packaging, testing, and more. The KR10 R1100 SIXX, with its smaller payload capacity, is suitable for applications that involve lighter objects and tasks requiring precision and flexibility.

  3. Control System: KUKA robots are typically equipped with their proprietary robot controller, such as the KUKA KR C4 or KR C5. These controllers provide the necessary programming and control interface for operating the robot.

  4. Additional Features: The specific features and capabilities of the KR10 R1100 SIXX may vary depending on the configuration and customer requirements. KUKA robots generally offer features like high repeatability, advanced motion control, safety systems, and compatibility with various end effectors and tools.

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