KUKA KR210 Robot, 2700mm, 210kg

KUKA KR210 Robot, 2700mm, 210kg
KUKA KR210 Robot, 2700mm, 210kg
KUKA KR210 Robot, 2700mm, 210kg

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: KR210
Payload (kg)210
Reach (mm)2700
Year of Prod.2011
New / Used ?USED

  • This system is suitable for engraving work of various batches of workpieces in industrial production, suitable for cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing of workpieces, and product modeling of wood, stone, aluminum alloy and composite materials.
  • Coordinate the movement with the turning position machine, integrate the USP port, and use the offline programming system to perform complex workpiece processing.
  • The configuration can be changed at will and it is 100% perfectly compatible. It is very suitable for the secondary development of the product by robot automation integration enterprises, with unlimited functions.
  • The robot can work normally even in harsh environments, with a service life of up to 15 years and an average time between accidents as long as 70,000 hours.


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