KUKA KR210 Robot with KRC2 controller

KUKA KR210 Robot with KRC2 controller
KUKA KR210 Robot with KRC2 controller
KUKA KR210 Robot with KRC2 controller

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  • Brand: KUKA
  • Model: KR210
Payload (kg)210
Reach (mm)2700
Year of Prod.2007
New / Used ?USED

KUKA Robot KR210 Auto Parts Handling/Palletizing Robot Arm C2 Control Cabinet


1. Efficiency: Since each axis uses high-performance motors and high-torque gearboxes, the performance of KR210 is outstanding.
2. Durable: KR 210 uses advanced cutting-edge technology. Its gearbox has the highest torque in its class, so it can run for many hours. Efficient: Precise mechanical systems ensure the highest repeatability, better production quality, less scrap and higher productivity.
3. Flexible: The KR 210 reduces maintenance requirements and thus costs. This enables you to plan flexibly and reliably and to commission quickly.
4. High stability:
KR210 is a C2 system. After a long research and development test, this system has a very strong stability, which is more stable than manual work, and the work goal is clear. Industrial robots can work 24 hours a day, have the advantages of no fatigue, high stability coefficient, etc.
5. Small error
KUKA robot is the only high-precision welding robot with fast electronic zero calibration function for six axes! Each zero point reset does not exceed one minute! Effectively reduces the accumulated error when the robot is working and ensures high positional accuracy.
6. Good anti-interference
Its positioning control adopts the German patent resolver with the best anti-seismic, anti-temperature and anti-interference. Effectively avoid the interference of high temperature, electromagnetic wave and accidental collision in the process of welding application field.
7. High sensitivity and safety
The patented anti-collision system can monitor the current of each axis servo motor in real time, and the anti-collision control system will stop the robot immediately when the wrong action causes the collision current and changes.


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